What you can expect:

  • An individualized weekly training plan that is based on...
    • your feedback from the previous week
    • how you are feeling overall
    • how you are progressing towards your goals
    • any outside factors impacting your training
  • A coach available for questions 
  • Daily communication and a lot of encouragement
  • Advice on nutrition/reaching a healthy weight

Also offered:

  • One-on-one training sessions which include:
    • core and functional strength exercises to enhance fitness and help avoid injury.
    • swimming sessions to improve technique, leading to faster and easier swimming. 
  • An indoor group biking class
  • A group strength training class
  • A coached group run twice a run

I coach people of all ages and all levels of fitness, from high schoolers to seniors.                    Whether you are struggling to walk a mile, or aiming at the Ironman, I can help.